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Hand and Wrist

You rely heavily on your hands and wrists in taking part in everyday activities. If you are experiencing limited mobility, pain or injury it can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. The Wrist and Hand surgeons at Capital Orthopaedic Surgery Center perform both arthroscopic and open wrist and hand surgical procedures based on your specific condition to help you regain your quality of life.

What type of hand and wrist conditions are treated at Capital Orthopaedic Surgery Center?
The most common conditions include but are not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, ganglion cysts, nerve issues tendon injuries, trigger finger or thumb

How do I know I need surgery?
When non-surgical options including medications, therapy, injections, or immobilization (wearing a brace or sprint) do not improve your pain, your surgeon may recommend surgery. Surgery may also be indicated if you have an injury that is caused by an accident or an advanced stage of chronic disease (i.e. osteoarthritis).